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Confiscation of Iranian figures

For years the Turkish government has introduced Molana the Persian poet to the world as a Turkish poet and Arabic countries has introduced, Bu Ali Sina, Birooni, and Razi as Arabs.Government of Azerbaijan also uses propaganda introducing Nezami, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Rumi, the four pillars of the great Persian poets Literature poetry as Turks and anti-Iranians.

Someday Plato was asked if people would believe wrong or false statements. He answered, it will take one or two generations, but they will believe so that if they hear otherwise from someone, they will kill him.

The nationality of Global Persian poets, scientists and philosophers is changing as changes made in geographical and political

boundaries of Iran (according to what has happened through history), the trend has intensified in recent years, they are changing to cultural symbols for nascent countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and … Have become; These countries actually have good diplomatic relations with Iran, but in quite overt or covert cases seized Iranian national figures in Media for their own benefits.

Iran had been a vast country geographically in the past, but unfortunately the land has been separated to new lands for various reasons, which now the new governments are claiming about the nationality of past Iranian national and literal figures. Iranians believe that these science and literature figures, their knowledge and masterpieces belong to people of the world, but the nationality of these great men should be registered and introduced widely as Iranians, by the UNESCO at an international level.

A review of recent claims of some countries about the figures can indicate the depth of the story,

Azerbaijan is now claiming that Hakim Nezami Ganjavi the poet and B. Khorramdin the Iranian hero are from this country. To prove their claim Nizami Ganjavi images are printed on their paper money. Last year, non-official websites reported that two Azerbaijan University students are sentenced to jail because of knowing Nizami Ganjavi and B. Khorramdin as Persian figures!

The Azerbaijan Music “Ashyqlar” with the beauty and rhythm of movement which is very pleasant belongs to this region of Iran, including Azerbaijan, Iran, Tabriz, Urmia, and Ardebil for centuries, is played with quietly sustained efforts and registration as Azerbaijan’s Music.

This is while the overall Azerbaijan country was borrowed for a century from Iran, in a treaty between Russia and Iranian King of that time, which the time has ended since 2008!

Republic of Tajikistan has claimed for Rudaki and Abu Ali Sina’s nationality following the policy of Azerbaijan. Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina), now has also another claimer except Tajikistan; The United Arab Emirates.

Except for the territorial claims of the three main islands of Iran which the Foreign Minister of UAE stated it worse than occupying the Palestinian territories by Israel (!), The UAE is calling the “Persian Gulf” with the odd named of ‘Arabian Gulf’. And it is a year that they are claiming for Abu-Ali-Sina (Avicenna)’s nationality among local and international Media!

Last year the BBC News announced ‘The Avicenna’ robot to get on Facebook Social Network by UAE, built in collaboration with Germany and Greece. BBC News continues to introduce Avicenna as an Arab scientist.

Some people believe that Jamal Aldin Asad Abadi’s nationality as Egyptian, or Afghan while he is Iranian, Iran was a great empire before with a large expanded land. If the past territories are lost in wars in some areas, there is no reason to consider a person born in that region not an Iranian.

Bahrain which was someday the 14th province of Iran, now opens a new University called “Arabian gulf”.

Turkmenistan is claiming for the nationality of Sheikh Abu-Saeed Abulkhair the Iranian scientist.

In Iraq ‘Mani’ the Iranian painter and scientist is introduced as an Arab an Iraqi which led Macquarie University of Australia calling him an Arab in a program.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who is said to be of Iranian descent, known as Arvand Rud is the province of Iraq.

Afghanistan, Syria and Turkey is also emphasized that Maulana Rumi is not an Iranian while imaging him on their stamps publishing jointly.

The best way to deal with such acts which ultimately leads to the weakening of national identity and cohesion of a nation and represents a major threat to their future is massive cultural activities at global level, Also Media and massive advertising can amplify the effects of a true knowledge of characters for both Iranian youth and International communities.

However, some efforts have been taken by Iran for such registrations in UNESCO and other cultural and scientific centers of the world, Registering Rumi and Nizami Ganjavi and some other scientific celebrities can be mentioned; although this is not our weakness, lack of major scientists in other lands can lead them to such actions. It is better for them to follow and dig in their own cultural roots and history rather than the others’.

Myth, mythic and scientific figures in a culture which creates pride for a country, is a sign of wisdom of their ancient communities and Iranians are proud people for having such rare history for millenniums.



By: Dr Morteza Noormohammadi

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