“5 Requirements for a Good Deal” From AIPAC Perspective


By: Hesam Bokai

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), having more than 100,000 members to spend lots of money to have influence on the Congress as well as policies of US Administration, published a report about 5 requirements for a good deal. These five points are mentioned in the following:


A good deal must support “anytime, anywhere” inspections – including all military facilities – to verify Iranian compliance. Iran’s decades-long history of cheating on international obligations suggests it will secretly attempt to continue its nuclear weapons program. Iran cannot be permitted any safe havens where it could pursue this ambition.


A good deal must require Iran to come clean on all of its prior nuclear work, such as developing triggers for a nuclear weapon, as required by six United Nations Security Council resolutions. The entire scope of Iran’s nuclear activities must be known to establish a baseline against which to measure future actions. Iran must also be made to comply with prior commitments; allowing Iran to shirk them will only tempt it to defy commitments made under a new deal.


A good deal must lift sanctions gradually as Iran meets its obligations under the agreement. Further, any deal should specify clear and immediate consequences for Iranian violations. The international community must retain significant leverage while Iran demonstrates compliance; it must not provide immediate sanctions relief or unfreeze a significant portion of Tehran’s assets so Iran can “take the money and run.”


A good deal must prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threshold state. The announced framework would lift nuclear restrictions in 10 to 15 years and grant Iran virtually instant breakout time after 12 or 13 years. A deal must restrict Iran’s nuclear capabilities until it demonstrates conclusively, over time, that it no longer seeks a nuclear weapons capability


A good deal must require Iran to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure and relinquish its uranium stockpile such that it has neither a uranium nor plutonium pathway to nuclear weapons.

A look at the abovementioned points, it is clear that Israel would recognize a deal as good, having such points; otherwise, the deal would be bad. Some sources from Vienna say that what Israel wants is different from western countries. I hope that Iranian negotiators would get back to Iran with a good deal aligned with our national interests.

To confirm that, I mention the recent talks of Netanyahu about the possible deal between Iran and P5+1: “As time goes by, the western countries offer more concessions to Iran.”

As Sky News reported, the office of Netanyahu published a statement in which he strongly criticized the termination of Iran’s sanctions: In case of termination of all sanctions, billions of dollars would be at the pocket of Iranians that could not be snapped back.


  1. Husseinali

    July 6, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    Yes agreed! But Israel the country that threatens everyone and always is stubborn and interfering in M/East and causing such mayhem must also agree to inspected its massive arsenal of WMD….

    The Americans are silly anyway!

  2. roots

    July 8, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    I hope Iran will obtain atomic bomb.
    You are the only islamic country which don’t forget Palestine.
    Not to trust jews and american. All the country which follow both are become like syria, irak, lebanon, egypt, libya, tunisia.

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