Wednesday, 29 March, 2017

A new era for the hotel industry in Iran


Iran Hotel Association‭ (‬IHA‭) ‬has launched a new plan to introduce the country’s hotel facilities along with the arrival of post-sanction, h‭ead of IHA ‬Jamshid Hamzehzadeh said.

According to Hamzehzadeh, there is a big opportunity for Iran hotel industry at this time to upgrade potentials and meet the increasing demand of travel to Islamic Republic of Iran appropriately‭.‬

IHA is a unified association which consists of 31‭ ‬hotel unions across the country‭. ‬IHA is recently setting up a website‭ (‬‭) ‬for its Irawnian hoteliers to sell the room to end users‭.

‬Mr‭. ‬Hamzezadeh said that this website will be upgraded in future and in cooperation with the foreign partners‭, ‬they will be able to accept non-Iranian tourist’s orders for accommodation‭.

‬“Everything depends on lifting the banking sanctions‭.‬”‭ ‬According the head of IHA‭.‬

Iran has 1,125‭ ‬hotels and guest houses‭, ‬of which only 130‭ ‬are four‭- ‬and five-star establishments‭. ‬The goal is to increase the number of quality hotels to 400‭ within 10‭ ‬years‭.‬

There are 550‭ ‬Hotel apartments as well and the IHA has received a lot of applications for consulting and constructing new accommodations recently‭, ‬Hamzezadeh said‭.

Via: Safar Magazine

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