Monday, 27 March, 2017

A view on the effects of sanctions against Iran

After the victory of Islamic Revolution, Iran has always been faced with global pressures. Sometimes it has been caught in the war, sometimes faced with threats of military attack and sometimes grappled with problems such as economic sanctions, and what has been used most by western countries against Iran is economic sanction.

The economic sanction is a planned action by one or more governments through restricting economic relations in order to pressure the target country with different political purposes. Economic sanctions are generally divided into two categories:

1- The trade sanctions in which exports out of and imports into the target country will be restricted or stopped 2 - Imposing

limitations, restrictions or cutting financial ties. In recent decades, Iran has been under both sanctions.

But the first question is whether the states have the right to use sanctions to pressure Iran and secondly, are they really a pressure on Iran or Iranian people?

Investment Sanctions: Although a report published by Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency suggested Iran’s cooperation with the agency, UN Security Council passed another sanction resolution against Iran in June this year, which as mentioned is contrary to international laws. One of the unjust sanctions passed by Security Council is to prevent Iranian citizens and organizations from investment.

A ban on transferring technical training to Iran: Under the pretext of convincing Iran to fully comply with NPT, Security Council has foreseen arrangements to prevent the entry of technology and technical training to Iran.

The sanctions have also targeted Iran’s civil aviation industry, imposed by U.S. Since 1995, bans the sale of spare aircraft parts to Iran and this led to a lot of air accidents within Iran in which hundreds of people lost their lives and consequently Iranian citizens are increasingly aware that the West does not have any importance to their safety.

The efforts to undermine Iran’s defense forces: Since the beginnings of the Islamic revolution, Western countries have tried to pressure Iran. An arms embargo has always been their usual tactic, stipulated in sanction Resolution 1929.

Abuse of power to advance the goals: Contrary to all international principles and rules on pressuring Iran, UN Security Council resolution has allowed all countries to inspect all shipments into and out of Iran, without any reference to the origin or ship.

The actual target: Resolution 1929 is one of the latest Western efforts to squeeze Iran, but confronting Iran is not confined to the restrictions contained in this resolution. Some other sanctions directly target Iranian lives. What other drugs will endanger the lives of Iranians? Avoid buying new aircraft to take the lives of several of our fellow citizens?

The countries have not sufficient authority for sanctions

Deterrent sanctions for the economic development of international law there are various reasons that the international sanctions on countries considered unjustified action Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States in the 1974 session of the UN General Assembly adopted the vast majority of states reached And a new system of economic principles governing the granting of concessions to developing countries Through the expansion of international trade emphasizes Sanctions on a country’s economic ties with the government cannot remain within the competence of The actual development of international law in the field of economy is in trouble.


A point which needs to be mentioned at the end is the effect of sanctions on civilians and nationals within a country. The sanctions, if to be effective, affect the lives of middle class and poor people. Actually, the sanctions will not cause many problems for a government, but rather it creates too much problems for people.

So it is natural that some countries are victims of the sanctions that will be led to a limited number of countries achieving their goals. Today, many analysts believe that the latest round of U.S and western sanctions against Iran will have not any results except for Iranian people’s hatred of the West and on the other hand will strengthen the solidarity between government and nation.



By: Hadi zargari

PhD student in International Relations


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