Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s Vice Arrested in Iraq; Made Interesting Confessions

Iraq intelligence agency arrested Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s vice last month. He is Iraqi national and former Baath party intelligence officer. He was filmed in Baghdad prison where he confessed against Daesh and its leader.

The officer acknowledged to the fact that selling oil is not the only financial source of Daesh and this is a fallacy to believe all the expenses of Daesh are met on Daesh own resources.

This is true that Daesh sells its oil via Turkey to various countries but the rest of the needs are met through sponsoring countries on a monthly basis. In this regard, Qatar 120 million dollar, Saudi Arabia 50 million dollar, UAE 35 million dollar, Bahrain 12 million dollar, and Kuwait 1.85 million dollar pledge to pay Daesh’s expences on monthly basis though their businessmen. There are other payments as well that I’m not informed enough about the details that are financed through western countries including Israel.

Daesh is currently staffed with 52000 fighters that 22000 of the fighters are paid by Daesh authorities and the rest is financed through for example intelligence agencies of sponsoring countries.

The vice continued: Logistical assistance, equipment supplies, buying cars and machineries have all done through Turkey’s businessmen and all kind of medical treatments are received through Turkish hospitals.

He further talks about Turkish military advisors and says: Many Turkish officers and military advisors have close cooperation with us and are either operation designer of military supervisor of Daesh in the regions; even more than %90 of the foreign members of Daesh are transferred via Istanbul’s airport under supervision of our offices in Turkey.

We have 50 weapons and ammunition experts in Daesh that are master in working with variety of small and heavy weapons, rocket launchers, and missile systems that most of them are the officers in Saddam’s Baath party. This expert team is Caliph’s favorite and travel to other countries such as Turkey to update their trainings.

We have an Israeli expert of chemical and biological weapons that is responsible for both supplying the chemical materials needed for the operations and to train the forces, plan the operations, and the usage of the chemical weapons.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi secretly traveled to Somalia to recruit around 2500 Somalis and organize them. Up until now numbers of them have joined Daesh.


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