Saturday, 23 July, 2016

‘America not a partner you can trust’: US refuses to mend fences With Iran

A year after Iran and the P5+1 Group came to a final agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program some of the signatories of that groundbreaking deal appear in no hurry to build up mutually-beneficial partnership with the Islamic Republic.

The US House of Representatives has just voted to block the purchase of heavy water from Iran, almost simultaneously with vetoing the sale of civilian aircraft to Tehran.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton never misses a chance to imply that Iran is an enemy or at least not a friend indeed.

All this could unravel even the moderate progress achieved in US-Iranian relations since the signature of the 2015 accords, which is at variance with the key interests of the United States, the National Interest wrote.

Even though the nuclear deal with Iran was signed a year ago Hillary Clinton has consistently held out for new sanctions against Iran over its missile program and regional policies, the journal wrote.

In an interview with Sputnik Dr. Zeinab Ghasemi, a leading expert at Tehran’s Center for US Studies, said that this policy was undermining the Iranian people’s belief that the lifting of international sanctions would make their life better.

“A year on people are changing their mind. A year ago 62 percent of Iranians believed that with the nuclear deal already signed, all these sanctions would finally go. Today only 23 percent believe so, which means that people are losing faith in Washington,” Dr. Ghasemi said.

America’s image in other countries of the Big Six has likewise been dented, she noted, adding that it is the US that has failed to implement the terms of the 2015 accords. America can’t be trusted, which renders all further negotiations useless.

“When he was running for president, Hassan Rouhani staked heavily on the earliest possible conclusion of the nuclear talks and the signing of a comprehensive agreement with the West, which would ease this country’s economic woes. Securing the people’s support, President Rouhani and his government bent every effort to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, it looks like the Americans’ refusal to stick to the terms of the Vienna accords in the course of the ongoing presidential campaign is undermining the people’s faith in America as a partner you can trust,” Dr. Zeinab Ghasemi said in conclusion.

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  1. Amir

    July 17, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    I thought the deal with Boing would make all “Jahels” happy and seal the deal for mutual relationship between two countries. Unfortunately, some Jahels, in this case, some elements in USA congress, want more. Well, I strongly believe that the recent incident( the Coup) in Turkey would make some Jahels in US think twice rather continuing their animosities against Iran. USA needs Iran since it is about to lose Turkey as an ally and the nuclear base in Turkey due to recent events. We all know that Turkey would not be the same, at least for next 10 years if nothing happens.

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