Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Apadana Takht Jamshid hotel opened in Shiraz

The official opening ceremony of the ‘Apadana Takht Jamshid’ hotel was held on Monday in Shiraz.

Apadana Hotel is a building belonging to the second Pahlavi era which is located 100m away from the high building of Persepolis.
The hotel was abandoned after the victory of Islamic revolution. Since 2001 , the reconstruction of hotel as it is seen today was commenced and the plan of Apadana Hotel as a one-storey dwelling place with 21 rooms and a big restaurant was made .
This building has been situated in the middle of an orchard with an area of 3000sq/m which provides a desirable environment for visitors in the dry area of the surrounding .
The stones used in the hotel yard have been taken from Rahmat Mountain which is the main source of construction of pillars and embossments of Persepolis.
Among other important elements in the area we can mention the swimming pool in front of the guest house which had been given to archeological boards for their welfare services before .
In the reconstruction of hotel in order to maintain general outlook of the complex and make coordination with the previous plan of the hotel while using main materials , the previous sky line has been also maintained .
In the interior design of the hotel , it has been attempted to observe the time domain of building construction .
Since Jan.2008 , this complex has been given to a contractor in private sector and since 2008 , it has officially commenced its activity as a complete tourism complex including hotel restaurant and cafeteria .
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