Wednesday, 13 February, 2019

Apocalypse and Iran Deal Critics’ Ignorance


By: Hesam Ahmadi

After US Democrats nipped any hopes of Iran nuclear deal’s opponents in the bud, it sounds that the critics of the controversial deal have maintained other baseless claims to deceive world’s public opinion.

Rick Santorum, running for 2016 presidential election, claimed that “Iranian Shiites hold a strong belief in paving the way for apocalypse which is their religious objective. If you poll Iranians, Shiites in the region, more than two-thirds of them believe that the end of the world is going to come about in their lifetime. We are in the process of giving them nukes to do what they have intended.”

Regardless of the electoral purposes of these words, if supposed that his words aimed at killing the nuclear deal, he would choose the wrong way by considering such false information which has nothing to do with the benefits of deal’s opponents and can stir up the hatred of people as well.

“More than two-thirds of Iranian Shiites believe that the end of the world is going to come about in their lifetime,” Santorum says. But his reference for presenting such statistics is not clear yet.

Such words show ignorance of Santorum and his followers about Shiites’ beliefs. Iranian Shiites, as other religions, do believe that eventually, a Survivor would emerge one day and purify the world fraught with violence, aggression and oppression. But Shia scholars do not set an exact time for his emergence; in other words, if something like this happened, they would reject this blasphemous belief.

Furthermore, 12-Imam Shiites do believe in a messiah figure called Mahdi whose reappearance would be the beginning of the end-times. His reappearance indicates peace and prosperity for the whole world.

Despite of Santorum’s words, the top best-selling Hollywood movies have had an apocalyptic theme. In other words, it seems that Americans have more a fondness for apocalyptic theme than Iranians! Many readers of this article, who are among Shia devotees, found Santorum’s words ridiculous and absurd. It shows and proves his ignorance of Shia doctrines.

Anyway, critics of Iran nuclear deal have suffered from illusions and fantasies due to their defeat in rejecting the deal. If only they entered into this dubious debate having enough knowledge and prevented at least from being mocked by deal’s proponents.

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