Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Attack of Saudi to Yemen and Lausanne deal

A majority of people around the world know that Saudi Arabia is against Iran nuclear deal. From the beginning of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1, Saudi officials have made all their attempts to obstruct the deal. During nuclear talks, Saudi officials have repeatedly expressed their concerns lest Iran would reach a deal with the west. In other words, they have published numerous articles regarding the negative consequences of Iran nuclear deal.

Whenever they heard that both sides were getting close to each other to make a deal, Saudi officials pranced around the west to influence on the process of nuclear talks and then to obstruct the deal. For example, it can be mentioned to the travel of Saud bin Faisal to Vienna and his visit to Kerry exactly some hours earlier than the date for acquiring the deal on November 23.

The latest measure, taken by Saudi officials, to obstruct the deal is the attack of Saudi to Yemen. This action has been taken exactly at the time of ongoing nuclear talks and prior to Lausanne deal. Notwithstanding Saudi officials justified attacking Yemen as defense of Yemeni legal government but their real intentions of such action were to derail the nuclear talks. On the other hand, such action was to absorb the attention of the western countries especially US and to remind them of Saudi influence in the region.

Saudi Arabia is highly concerned about the growing influence of Iran in the region in case of acquiring the deal; consequently, they are making all their attempts to kill the deal such as attacking to Yemen. Yet, their attempts are in vain because Iran and the western countries are determined to make a nuclear agreement and resolve all complicated differences existed for a long time. As a conclusion, it seems that both sides have understood the value of nuclear deal.

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