Monday, 20 January, 2020

Avicenna Cuisine: Your Personalized Guidebook on Balanced Eating & Living

Samira Ardalan, Founder & CEO of Avicenna Cuisine is also Co-Author of The Mysteries of the Apostles’ Ointment and The Elixir of Life: Also Known as the Philosophers’ Stone.

As an Iranian living in the United States, Samira holds her BA in Business Management from Towson University and has been thriving in the food and hospitality industry for over ten years.

Her professional training in cooking and hotel, restaurant management throughout Baltimore and Washington, DC has fueled her passion for modernizing culinary and health traditions from history’s past.

Samira Ardalan and her grandmother have been working on this project since November of 2014.

‘It has been an incredible experience to work with my grandmother and have her guidance through the creation of my latest book “Avicenna Cuisine.” Samira writes at a fundraising site to raise money to build the foundations for Avicenna Cuisine - a tech and fresh start-up app and restaurant.

In her book Avicenna Cuisine, Samira introduces a new system of eating healthy, based on the temperament of the individual and temperament of the foods and drinks we eat.

She explains how good health begins in our digestive system. As you will learn, this system is inspired by the legendary Physician and Philosopher, Avicenna, also known as Ibn Sina.

Avicenna Cuisine’s integrative approach to health and cuisine has all the answers you have been long searching for when it comes to understanding your body’s reaction to foods according to your temperament.

Reading this book can help you improve your social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual overall health by determining your temperament through a Temperament Test, and then matching you with the correct temperament of foods you should be eating for your particular nature to maintain balance.

Who was Avicenna?
Avicenna is the Latinized name for Ibn Sina. He was arguably the most significant physician of the Middle Ages as well as being an influential voice of the pre-modern era of medicine.

While basing his medical system on those of Hippocrates and Galen, Avicenna’s writing in his Canon of Medicine took a universal perspective, collecting, distilling and synthesizing all the medical knowledge that existed at his time, including different medical systems from India (Aryuvedic), Chinese, Greek (Unani), Persian, Egyptian, Hindu and Tibetan.

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