Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Backlash against Netanyahu’s Speech in Congress

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

As the media call Netanyahu as “a mass murderer tyrant” and “Child-killer”, his recent speech in the Congress was opposed to US diplomatic protocols, ethics, and political literature. In other words, despite of Obama’s reluctance, Netanyahu imposed himself to the Congress in order to address them. By doing so, he showed the world the signs of Israeli leaders’ desperation, trying to get out of this political deadlock. From one hand, his lack of emotional and mental control, and on the other hand, his use of words which did not have any logical relations, can prove the chaotic situations of Israel’s diplomacy.

“Iran’s nuclear program can destroy and devastate Israel.” Netanyahu said. Is the devastation of Israel bound to nuclear weapons? Iran’s ideal, which is based on Supreme Leader’s decree, is to wipe out Israel but not by Iran alone. It should be done by all Muslims and Islamic countries throughout the world. If all Islamic nations woke up to reality that all their wretchedness is due to Israel, at that time, no weapons would be required, for doing so, but nations’ will.

Netanyahu compared Iran with ISIS. Such comparison is rejected by anyone who knows ABC of politics. As all countries believe, Iran is the only country which has prevented ISIS from making progress in the region. He has likely suffered from Alzheimer because he has forgot that casualties of ISIS were hospitalized in Tel Aviv just some months ago.

In his recent speech in the Congress, Netanyahu demanded US officials to help them enter the Promised Land. In other words, all politicians know that the Promised Land consists of some parts from Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. Does this strategy seek another concept but expansionism? Israel’s Prime Minister rudely demanded US Representatives to help them augment their confrontation, restoring some tragic events. They, instead, gave him a standing ovation. Definitely, this approach is in contrast to the viewpoints of US President and people as well.

The obscenity and greed of Netanyahu are not finished here. Israel, which is not only a member of NPT and CTBT but also did not let any verification of its nuclear facilities, asked the Congress to stand against Iran’s nuclear program, verified by IAEA. It should be considered that the backlash of western media against his speech signified Netanyahu’s abnormal behavior as well as desperation.

It seems that Netanyahu’s concerns are more about any rapprochement between US and Iran relations rather than Iran’s nuclear issue. To do so, leaders of both countries should have political will. Anyway, Israeli officials are more obsessed with this matter than any others.

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