Monday, 18 April, 2016

Big Five Factors Obstructing Nuclear Deal


By: Bobbie

 As nuclear talks get underway in Vienna, there are still some issues and factors that make the future of talks shadowy. Both in Iran and US, the Congress and the Parliament are prepared for the review of any possible deal. But there is one little difference between them. In the other words, US Congress especially Republicans such as Sen. Corker, is determined to sabotage the possible deal by introducing various Bills and Acts against Iran or its allies. What obsessed the minds of Senators is the derailment of talks as well as prevention Iran from acquiring nukes. The program which Iran has always tried to show its peaceful nature. It is the right.

Anyway, for better understanding I wrote these 5 factors (in a nutshell) in the following:

 Lifting Sanctions

Concerning how all sanctions should be lifted is still a big questions. Iran believes all sanctions should be eased and lifted immediately and all at once at the time of agreement but on the contrary, western countries (P5+1) believe the gradual termination of them. It could lessen Iran’s dynamic activities if the other side reneged on its promises. Iran should devise some defensive strategies in case of re-imposing sanctions by the west to stop collapsing.

 Past Records

The west claimed that Iran has terrible records in making and producing nukes. What can prove such western allegation? Nothing. There is no official evidence to show that Iran has sought for making and manufacturing any nuclear weapons. No nuclear state did not allow any other countries to make nuclear bombs but instead, Iran has voluntarily represented its nuclear program to the world. This affirms Iran’s honesty and clearance.

 Technical Limit & Number of Centrifuges

Why does Iran have some limitations on its nuclear program? Why does Israel have the right of self-defense?! Israel with more than 80 warheads is not a serious threat to the world and Iran without any is! No country can halt the progress of any other country. But such limitations whether in the number of centrifuges and other technical issues are made to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear development.

 Compliance of Iran and Sanctions

United States believe that Iran has not complied with JPOA or Lausanne Statement but the report by IAEA confirmed Iran’s honesty as well as compliance. No comment.


Iran is the only country in the world allowed logical inspection and verification by IAEA. No country did let any others investigate its military centers. All can show that Iran has been both honest and loyal. The inspection should be done by IAEA and not in every corner of Iran. Military bases are always red lines for all countries including Iran. If United States or Israel let us investigate their territories, then Iran would do the same!

 As a conclusion, Iran has made all its attempts to make a deal. As many western experts believe this is the historical opportunity for the west to strike a deal with Iran because Iran neither tolerates oppression nor follows oppressor. These 5 obstructions could be easily solved if the west want to accord with Iran.

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