Friday, 23 February, 2018

British embassy in Tehran to begin issuing visa soon, Iran’s Rouhani says


Iran’s President Hassan Rohani posted a tweet saying that the visa section of the British embassy in Tehran will soon be activated.

Rouhani said in his Twitter account on Tuesday: “David Cameron (Britain’s Prime Minister ) has said in a phone call that the visa section at the British embassy in Tehran will soon be activated.”

The announcement comes only two days following Iran and 5+1 Group started implementation of nuclear deal and the lifting of international sanctions against Tehran.

On August 23, 2015, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond re-opened UK embassy in Tehran officially, marking a major step in the thawing of relations between the UK and Iran.


David Cameron has said in a phone call that the visa section at the British embassy in Tehran will soon be activated, President Rouhani said in his Twitter account 

“We all should try in order to execute nuclear agreement well. The Islamic Republic of Iran will fulfil its commitments, provided that the other side does so”. Rouhani told Cameron in a telephone conversation which happened on Tuesday.

Stressing the need to develop mutual cooperation between Iran and the United Kingdom in areas such as culture, economy, science, and politics, Dr Rouhani said that both countries should try to compensate for not having much relations in the past by fostering mutual ties which can benefit both nations, region, and the world”.

Official website of the Iranian president ( quoted Rouhani as saying : “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes European companies and transfer of capital and technology in finance and banking”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to firm resolve of both countries to develop mutual cooperation and said: “This resolve between the top officials of both countries has provided a serious momentum for relations”.

President also praised consultation and cooperation between Tehran and London on regional issues and said: “Without a doubt, the current situation in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen is unacceptable and we all should try to settle the terrorism issue and instability in the region”.

In this telephone conversation, Prime Minister Cameron expressed his congratulations on official implementation of JCPOA and stressed the need for all parties to fulfil their commitments and its precise implementation.

He said: “All parties should fulfil their commitments under JCPOA and the UK will certainly do so”.

“Britain is ready to provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with all its financial, banking, and economic expertise and experiences” added Cameron, saying that without a doubt, increased relations between top officials of both countries can help strengthen ties.

Cameron added: “I assure that we want better relations between the two countries. Right now, we have reached a phase that necessitates development of ties more than before”.

“We should increase our consultation on regional levels as well” continued British PM.

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