Sunday, 13 January, 2019

British Travel Writer to Speak About her Solo Ride Across Iran at UK Festival

British‬ writer and cyclist woman, Lois Pryce, will be speaking about her recent solo ride around ‪#Iran‬ at this year’s Adventure Travel Film Festival, 15-17 August, Sherborne Girls School, Dorset, UK.

The Adventure Travel Film Festival is the brainchild of film-maker Austin Vince and travel author Lois Pryce.

The festival runs from 15-17 August this year and features technical workshops on filmmaking as well as a weekend of globally far-flung documentaries.

‪‎Pryce‬ traveled 3000 miles via ‪‎motorcycle‬ in autumn 2013 and spring 2014 to discover the real Iran.

She went on a three-week solo motorbike tour of the country in September, her curiosity piqued by the mixed messages she had heard.

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