Monday, 13 January, 2020

Can Trump Continue This Way?

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani

Yesterday US President Donald Trump press conference was perhaps pretty unprecedented and might have been a most entertaining one the leader of a super power so far delivered.

In such occasions, usually there are important domestic and foreign questions and answers and comments given by the two sides. In American contemporary history this has been a common practice of the presidents, and they have been expected to listen attentively and with patience to questions and comments on the part of mass media, and then would give very well measured and articulated answers. When the leader of a superpower is speaking the whole world inevitably focus on what he says, because any sentences and even a word or term he uses may have repercussions as well as consequences not only in the United States but the whole world. In yesterday press conference, however, the president’s well measured and articulated responses to the questions and comments made by the mass media were missing and the president appearance reactions pretty odd.

In this press conference, the president did not give time or chance to the reporters and journalists to thoroughly ask their questions and give their comments, if any. It is regrettable that in some occasions his reactions were quite immature and childish.

Certainly given the US President behaviors and reactions over the last couple of months, this was not quite unexpected. Ironically, he tried to pretend that he has everything under his control and had resolved all the problems, albeit only in his own mind. Though now after nearly one month in the White House he has not got all members of his cabinet approved by the Senate. His security adviser was forced to quit because of a scandal. Anti-Trump’s policies demonstrations are still going on in some parts of the world as well as in the United Sates. Since ever he was elected as the new president, sarcastically, the Americans call their country “The Divided States”.

Donald Trump has a false self-sense of grandiosity perceiving that in the capacity of the president of the United States can do anything he wants or decides. When he discussed his future plans and actions he often uses such terms as “excellent”, “the best” and “extraordinary”
Psychologically it has been proved that what these types of characters say or want to do just exist in their own imagination not being feasible in the outer real world. Donald Trump constantly has discussed his economic, social and political plans and relations with other countries, however when he is asked to be further elaborated he eludes answering and is just redundant. It provokes this thought that he may be have really nothing in mind. The recent polls in United States show that Trump, compared with all presidents over the past five decades, has had the least popularity after taking office.

Through the past few months the unpredictable behavior of the Donald Trump subdued the little remaining credibility of the United States in the world.

Some psychologists believe that a man with unpredictable behavior should not be given sensitive tools or a gun because it may have dire consequences. As for Mr. Trump the conditions differ. Because in the capacity of the president of the United States who has the biggest world arsenal, any wrong or unpredictable decision by the commander in chief is quite serious and disastrous not only for the United States but the whole world.


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