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Choobin (wooden) village in Khorasan Razavi province

Choobin village is the local name of Neishabour villages in Razavi Khorasan province in northeastern Iran, is made.  The small village of wooden and unique built in Iran by the engineer and the spectacular Mojtahedi and resorts are Neyshabour.
“The village Choobin” arising from the unique structure of wood and use it in a new building and the building up of history - cultural and climatic and geographic regions with the features and functionality, it is .  This scenic village of wooden mosques, museums and libraries, Rstvrn, shop and bakery, alcove, , green and beautiful ecosystem that is associated with agriculture and animal husbandry.
The mosque, the first mosque in the world is earthquake-resistant wood.  The building has an area of 200 square meters and the roof is a gable.  The two minarets each 13 meters of the surface height and weight of approximately 4 tons.  The shape of an inverted ship on Earth.  The construction of this mosque, which has lasted about 2 years, 40 tons of wood is used.
Wooden mosque in the village not only in Iran but is unique in the world.  The mosque can tolerate up to 8 Richter scale earthquake and the building is such that damage to hundreds of others will not.Two by Four skeletons made its way.  Minarets are connected to the ceiling so that there is no column in the mosque.
It has double walls between these two layers, there is the skeleton.  Skeleton of the minarets and the roof and walls and roof are connected to the spider.  This is because the way it is like a spider web is so connected that the minarets of its weight equal to the first wall and the roof and then is transmitted to the ground.  It is noteworthy that the ladder to the top of the minaret minarets can be accessed.  Even more interesting in connection to the roof of the minaret, built into the lake, which acts as a channel of air pollution in summer and warm air from the space outside the mosque and clean air through a special pocket in the roof, Inside the mosque, and thus a natural ventilation is performed.  Walls are slightly angled position that makes it easier to transfer weight from the minaret to the ground.
It is noteworthy that where the mosque was built, it is prone to termites, so special solutions in the construction of this mosque and other buildings to avoid damaging the wood-eaters have been used.  So for example, home builders with over 20 years of life, damage to the wood-eaters left.  Sustain long-term external walls of the precipitation, especially with wood is used for special processing.
Cabinets, walls and even the mosque trays, wooden.  The mosque has a porch outside the floor of the brick is.  On the exterior and interior walls of the mosque, respectively 7 and 6 beautiful inscriptions of Quranic verses with his frame of wood, walnut and mulberry trees are installed.
Building and wood interior trim, various fruit trees and other fruit such as Kajh, Investment Co., poplar, cherry, pear, ash, walnut and mulberry is used.  Special lighting, special harmony of lively colors, special effect at night.
The manufacturer of this series, as well as boosting tourism and revive the memory of a great man who once lived in this place to serve.


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