Friday, 16 February, 2018

CIA spy arrested; Iranian intelligence service revealed the story


Iran’s intelligence service revealed the story of arresting a CIA spy.
According to the Iranian state television broadcast, a Westerner who identified as Matti Valok who had spied for the US Central Intelligence Agency.
The man, aged about 30, with long hair, is presented without nationality be stated in a report entitled “hunters trapped.”
He was arrested in 2012 after being monitored for several months by the Iranian intelligence services, according to the television station that broadcast images of the suspect on the street or in hotels, the Iranian capital.

The state channel also showed footage of what it presented as other spies including US citizen Stefan Raymond and Marc Antony Vandiar born in South Africa worked “for the CIA and tried to garner information on Iranian biotechnology.”CIA agents

A Moroccan named as Faisal, a “specialist in information technology,” and a Malaysian Christian called Douglas Fernandez using the alias Ali Abderani also sought to acquire information on the Islamic republic’s “scientific, nuclear and military progress.
Matti Valok was accused of contacting Iranian scientists to seek information on “the country’s scientific progress,” using a Slovakia-based international recruitment agency that he had created.
Valok had a duty to extract information about the progress of technology owned by Iran.
“He told me I had to keep in close contact with the people I met in Iran,” he said, before adding his “apologies to the Iranian people.”
Regarding this revelation, a documentary has been made by Iran’s intelligence service which will be published soon.
Given to the arrest of these spies as well as assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists during last years, it is concluded simply that the mastermind of Iranian scientists’ assassination has been CIA.
With regard to a special table on assassination’s design and operation in CIA which was formed following a direct order by Obama, it appears that U.S government will not hesitate to take any action against Iran, even killing innocent scientists. This will naturally reduce the Iran’s trust in U.S severely.

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