Wednesday, 22 August, 2018

Corker; the Deal Broker


By: Broomand

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is sounding the alarm about the nuclear talks with Iran, warning the United States has made “breathtaking” concessions that risk creating a “bad deal.” What this Senator wants is one-way concession. In the other words, talks are not a dead end street. When you try to take some advantages from your other side, in return you should pay the price. But US Republicans are determined to derail nuclear talks because a myriad of them used to making money in imposing sanctions against Iran and Iranian companies.

In a letter sent Monday, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) warned President Obama he must be willing to walk away from the negotiating table. In this letter he warned Obama and American negotiators to walk away from the talks if Iranians were not to comply with the deal. I think it is US not us, having reneged on promises and the deal. Iran’s compliance with JPOA has been very clear to everybody but US tries to make more concessions from Iran but it should not be forgot that, as Iranian official said, Iranian tolerance is limited.

Nuclear talks have focused on only nuclear issue neither Iran’s ballistic missiles nor any other issues. Therefore, talking about the threat of Iranian missiles is baseless and fruitless. If Americans were to show their honesty, Iran would enter into another issues. Why should Iran try to ensure Americans about its nuclear program? The more Iranians try to make them sure, the less they trust us.

In his letter, Corker said he was “alarmed” by reports that the U.S. “may be considering allowing the deal to erode further,” including over how much access the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog should have to Iranian nuclear sites.
“Regarding inspections, surely your administration and those involved in the negotiations will adhere to an ‘anytime, anywhere’ standard. No bureaucratic committees. No moving the ball. No sites off limits,” Corker said.
Last but not least, neither Iran nor any other countries will allow any inspection of their military bases and facilities. Will Israel do that? Will US itself let us investigate its military centers? Definitely not. So, why do they recognize inspection as their own intrinsic right? Readers will answer differently to this op-ed. Still many questions remain unanswered.

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