Sunday, 29 March, 2020

Critical Moments Come in Iran’s Nuclear Talks

By: Afrasiabi

After several rounds of talks at different levels between Iran and P5+1 on nuclear issue and efforts done by Iran for trust building along with its offering of clear solutions for adhering to IAEA regulations especially following Rouhani government came to power, we still observe some positions in the Western media indicating the lack  of political determination among some countries engaged in talks with Iran for resolving Tehran’s nuclear issue.

Some analysts argue that P5+1 members especially U.S. still believe that if the current sanctions against Iran are lifted, there is no assurance that Iran again will not come back to previous position.

In response to this ambiguity, we should remember that Iran, in its highest religious and political levels, has considered the weapons of  mass destruction contrary to religious teachings.

Westerns’ Dual behavior towards Iran lacks any acceptable logic. Interestingly, the countries themselves enjoying nuclear arsenals and various weapons of mass destruction support disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Now there is a welcome opportunity to reach a comprehensive deal which both covers Iran’s interests and address the P5+1 concerns.

If this opportunity is lost due to political reasons especially the pressures by Zionist lobbies who oppose any interaction-oriented  approaches, the responsibility for the consequences of this  disagreement will be with those countries which have involved in losing the historic opportunity.

Iran has always demonstrated its adherence to the International pacts.


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