Monday, 21 September, 2020

Devastation of ISIS Lies in Iran’s Nuclear Deal

By: Vahid Jafarian

Iran and P5+1 still resume nuclear talks in Vienna and both sides are very hopeful of striking a deal so soon.
Recent claims of Kerry and Zarif, emphasizing on the possibility of deal within few days, can increase the concerns of world communities to find a solution for one of the biggest challenges of the world.
The world powers would put their trust in Iran if this issue were solved. On the other hand, due to Iran’s good faith during nuclear talks, a ground for mutual cooperation would be shaped.
One of the benefits of nuclear deal is to prove the falsehood of western allegations about Iran and its nuclear program. They consider their own strategic mistakes by trusting Iran’s nuclear program. In the other words, they won’t consider Iran as the sponsor of terrorism but instead as a country tries to boost international security.
By finding a solution for Iran’s nuclear program, western countries will believe that Iran is not a threat for international security but ISIS is. Such a terrorist group can jeopardize international security. In the other words, the focus will be changed from Iran to ISIS which is formed by US and Israel intelligence services. It will bite their own creators such as Taliban in Afghanistan.
As interesting as it is, last days, Israeli officials and diplomats told Netanyahu that overthrowing Assad is not for the benefit of Israel and cannot secure Israel national benefits. ISIS, which is created by Israel, is now a serious threat for the national security of Israel. Tel Aviv is sure about the stability of Israel through a stable Syria without any chaotic movements and actions.
In all, Iran’s nuclear deal can ensure international communities about its program and prove the strategic mistakes of the west, recognizing Iran as a threat. It can change the approach of western countries as well as their concentration from Iran to terrorist groups such as ISIS.

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