Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Development of a Crisis

The situation of the Middle East was peaceful. The events including Iran’s nuclear talks and peace talks of Syria have led the region to more establishment but Saudi Arabia’s attack to Yemen on Thursday burst this region into flames of war.

Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen on Thursday on the pretext of supporting its resigned president and bombarded some parts of this country.

As CNN reported, Saudi Arabia’s fighters targeted the people in public as well as military logistics of Yemen. In return, Ansarullah claimed that people of Yemen will react to this attack as strongly as possible.

Such an attack happened in a condition that US has given Saudi Arabia some information to support them. As CNN reported, Saudi Arabia has not asked for anything yet but it seems that it will ask for something from US such as satellite images and information.

In the meantime, a US senior official said that US won’t use the option of military confrontation against Yemen but will give information and logistic aids.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, Israel has repeatedly expressed its concerns about victories of Ansarullah in Yemen and many believe that Israel takes some benefits of such events.

On the other hand, this attack has led some countries like Pakistan as well as some gulf Arabic countries which are on a par with Saudi Arabia to be involved in Bab-el-Mandeb and Yemen crisis.

However, this event may have some impacts on the geographical alternation of ISIS in a way that some analysts believe that this attack can direct ISIS forces to Saudi Arabia itself.

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