Friday, 14 August, 2020

DiCaprio Raises Awareness About Dire State of Iranian Lake

Leonardo DiCaprio has expressed concern about the state of Iran’s nature, specifically, the environmental situation in the area around , Sputniknews reported.

The actor posted a picture of the lake and wrote the following under it on his Instagram page.

“A dilapidated ship dock remains on dried up Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran. It used to be the biggest salt lake in the Middle East, but it now contains five percent of the amount of water it did two decades ago due to climate change, dam construction and decrease in precipitation.”

he post received a huge response from Iranian users with more than 76,000 comments. Some of the most popular responses were:

“We thank you for your attention and invite you to see the lake with your own eyes to understand the scale of the problem! No matter how much the media may say about the problem of the Lake Urmia, it has not received such an effect, as the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio to this problem. And we must appreciate it!” hamidreza2507 wrote in a comment.

“Iran’s Natural beauty is not its own but also the wealth of the world!” _motii97 said.

“Thank you, Leo, for your support of our country!” iranvolleyball_different said.“We are really sorry about this problem… and are thankful for your patronage. We really need the help of foreign friends to save the lake!” akherati.hesam said.

Many people thanked Leo for expressing his concern and some said that Iranians must unite to save the lake.

“Only one post by Leonardo DiCaprio will not save Urmia Lake from drying. It’s us, the Iranians, who must unite and do something in order to save Urmia!” shayanmosazadeh wrote.

“We are thanking Leonardo DiCaprio, who drew the attention of the world to our lake. However, unfortunately, we are not thinking about this issue, as it seems that we are still asleep. We hope that Leonardo DiCaprio will definitely visit Lake Urmia!” Toofan.javad69 said.

Some people expressed their dissatisfaction with how the Iranian government is handling the crisis.

“Thank you for your attention to the Urmia Lake. It is a pity that our government does not pay enough attention to such problems! Tahere_rezaeee wrote.

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  1. Amir

    May 7, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    Thanks to the people who made others to come forward and talk about Iran and her forgotten beauties after 40 years of unjustified actions, Rouhani- Zarif and many more in the past.

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