Monday, 13 January, 2020

Different Approaches for Syria Conflict

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

During recent events in Syria and Iraq as well as the progress of ISIS in these countries, the main purpose of this group is to occupy some parts of Iraq and Syria to form an Islamic caliphate. One of the religious minorities which has been inactive towards struggle of ISIS in Iraq and Syria was Yazidis and Christians. Therefore, it seems that by highlighting the threat of ISIS for Christians such as murder of Yazidis in Iraq, Coptic Christians in Libya, and other Christians in Syria through supporters of ISIS such as Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, they urge US and the west to use the military option against Syria on the pretext of defeating ISIS.

In Syria’s events, there are two approaches for dethroning Bashar Assad. Some countries including Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia crave for military confrontation to change Syria regime with the help of US and the west. But as US and the west cannot assess political, military and security costs of this confrontation, they are not willing to use military option as they did with Afghanistan and Iraq. In respect with Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran agreed on dethroning Taliban and Saddam but in this case, Iran did not accept that.

Notwithstanding Netanyahu’s ambitions and his attempt to attack Syria, there is likely a perception, demonstrating that any military confrontation to Syria can put Israel and its citizen at stake; hence, US tries not to get trapped in his tricky game. If the security of Israel and its citizens were at stake, the Congress would be fraught with discontentment that Obama is reluctant to face such challenges.

The second approach which seems more attractive for US and the west is the dethronement of Bashar Assad through diplomatic solutions. But of course, this strategy necessitates some requirements such as a ceasefire, holding political meetings, establishing mechanisms for the settlement of refuges, and adopting measures for election.

The recent travel of members of French Parliament to Syria and their visit of Bashar Assad can demonstrate that US and the west are thinking about diplomatic solutions for Syria conflict instead of any military confrontation. Yet, the regional supporters of ISIS such as Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia speculate on dethroning Bashar Assad through military confrontation.

Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia believe that by promoting the rebel fighters as well as giving them some parts of northern Syria, the coalition forces can approach to Damascus on the pretext of defeating ISIS. Under such circumstances, it is likely that the security of Israeli citizens may be at stake. The gist of Syrian rebel fighters is to reduce Iran’s influence from Syria as well as resistance front. In this case, Israel is the only winner of this game.

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