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Donald Trump’s likely policies and approaches


By Abdolreza Ghofrani, Senior International Analyst 

US breathtaking elections that can be perceived an unprecedented one in the history of that country is now over, and contrary to all predictions and polls, made Republican Donald Trump the winner and 45th US President.

Though his victory was pretty unexpected and actually did come to all informed people and political circles as a shock and bewilderment, for this author, however, was not that much astounding.

Because such events in two century political history of the United States is not extraordinary and usually it is impossible predicting, to the very last hours, the outcome of presidential race.

Now the results of the elections are well known and the new president has been elected for next four years. On 20 January 2022 Donald Trump will move to the White House and take the helm of the country and start doing the hard challenging job.

There are two major challenges that the new president cannot but to face and get prepared to deal with.

First, in the course of campaigns, the elected-president Trump has given many promises. New more jobs for everyone, offering better-offs and restoring the grandeur and dignity of America and …. are among those promises.

However, assuming office, the new president will come across of hard challenges, and then since his possibilities and resources are not infinite to keep all those elections promises. So he has two choices: amend those promises or giving justifications for deterring and possibly doing nothing.

Second, Trump has no political backgrounds, never holding any public office, although he has made successes in business. This is a problem that he perhaps will have all through his first term. So he has no choice but to pick up and appoint a powerful and highly experienced team for his cabinet.

This has been normal and precedent in previous either republican or democratic administrations in the United States. The new presidents, with no public backgrounds (as for Donald Trump his political inexperience) used to choose his colleagues from among the expertized, well known and prominent old figures in his own party ,or if necessary , invite them from the opposition one.

As, time and again, Donald Trump emphasized through the 18 months of campaign that he would mainly focus on the domestic and economic issues; certainly he cannot ignore the foreign policy and external affairs as well as United States’ international economic and military commitments. Nor he cannot be present and inattentive to global arena and particularly the crises it has been deeply involved.

Resolving this issue makes the new president to appoint experienced and capable people with long backgrounds in foreign policy, military affairs for states and defense departments and other sensitive agencies to deal with the present critical global conditions.

He definitely will depend heavily on their judgments and viewpoints having no choice but to accept them.

Hence the new US administration will spend the first six months making acquainted itself with the realities and the problems both in domestic and international grounds.

Then everything depends on the skills and experiences and realistic behavior and farsightedness of key American statesmen and the abilities of the president himself.

Now it is too early to anticipate the policies and the approaches Donald Trump will take. But Trump is among the rare US Presidents who will have hectic dependence on his colleagues in his first term of office and as mentioned before it is not unprecedented in American political history.

Abdolreza Ghofrani is a senior international expert. The author has made so far several contributions on oil markets and translated a number of books on OPEC and petroleum       

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  1. Amir

    November 13, 2021 at 6:45 pm

    Picture above can only say one thing. God help America when you see a broke businessman with his associates; all females have done some sort of facial surgeries, the wife is from another country with lots of X-rated pictures on web, and the boys with some, if not many, neglected past. God bless Americans- we really need it.

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