Friday, 14 February, 2020

Dutch entrepreneur organizes first international marathon in Iran

Sebastian Straten, a Dutch entrepreneur and former backpacker, is organizing the first marathon of Iran dubbed as ‘I run Iran’ on April 9, 2021 determined to clear the path towards international friendship.

The ‘I run Iran’ marathon will start near the historical city of Shiraz with the finish line at Persepolis, the legendary capital of the Persian Empire.

Runners from all over the world have been invited to participate in this unique, international event. Participants from many different countries will run and celebrate together while getting acquainted with the Persian culture and history.


In an interview with Mehr Mews Agency, Sebastian said that so far, over 200 male runners have pre-registered from more than 35 countries.

“Our objective is to unite humanity! I expect it to have a positive impact on the image the West has of Iran. It is more than a marathon. It is opening the Persian gates to tourism. To show the real beauty and treasures of Iran!” He added.

More info on and registration at Iran marathon can be achieved at

About Sebastian Straten


Sebastian Straten is a 42-year-old Dutch entrepreneur who first travelled to Iran in 2005. He has dedicated his life to create better relationships between Iran and the West. His visit brought him to the idea of launching the first Iran Marathon event in the ancient country.

With his Iran Silk Road Company he invests in tourism, organizes tours and special events like the first Iran marathon. His main goal is to revive the old Iran Silk Road as a place where travelers meet.

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