Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Egypt terror attack case of financed sectarianism: Ghasemi

Spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Bahram Ghasemi condemned the terrorist attack on a convoy of Christian Egyptians as a case of supported sectarianism.

“Armed attack on a bus carrying Christians in the south of Egypt is a clear manifestation of supported sectarianism,” said Bahram Ghasemi on Friday, strongly condemning the crime and extending sympathies to the bereaved families, nation, and government of Egypt.

“Frequent occurrence of such incidents can attest that sectarianism has been given morale and the other side of these events is bloody crack-downs in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen,” asserted the Iranian diplomat referring to the concurrent trip of Trump to the Persian Gulf and terrorists attacks in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Manchester.

“The recent mockery measures in Riyadh which are labeled in a hypocrite cover-up as war on terrorism and countering extremism, have yielded in practice nothing more than spreading the ideology of Takfiri Wahhabism and providing logistical and financial support for armed terrorism in all over the world,” affirmed the Iranian diplomat.

He said that it is a fruitless hope to expect any positive contribution to the peace and security of the world from such meetings. Reminding the international responsibility of governments and international organizations about countering terrorism, Ghasemi highlighted that the direct results of sectarianism and extremism has been shedding the blood of innocent Christians, Muslims, and the followers of other religions all over the world.

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