Saturday, 08 August, 2020

ESI Names Iranians among highly-cited Professors

Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database has added two Iranian researchers to the list of its top one percent highly-cited professors in the past decade.

Hamid Reza Zare’ and Mohammad Mazloum-Ardakani, faculty members of Chemistry Department of Yazd University, have been added to the list by ESI, ISNA News Agency reported.

About 75 articles of Hamid-Reza Zare’ have been cited 1,254 times and 136 articles of Mohammad Mazloum have been cited 1,443 times.

Essential Science Indicators from Thomson Reuters is a compilation of statistical information (publication, citation and cites-per-paper counts) for scientists, institutions, countries and journals. It is based on 10 years of Thomson Reuters data.

ESI Data Information Pages will help you understand the counting methods for articles and citations, time periods for counts, types of items counted, journals included, citation thresholds, name conflation, name variations and rank orderings.

Essential Science Indicators, accessible by subscribers through a web interface, is updated every two months. During the course of a year, the data series covers 10 years plus a successive number of recent two-month periods, eventually reaching an 11-year time-span.

At the end of the year, the compilation reverts to a 10-year data set, dropping off the oldest year of the series.

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