False Claim of China to Fight with Terrorism


By: Moaf

China seeks for US aid to fight with community of Uyghurs in China. They are Muslims and Chinese Government puts pressure on them. For example, during the last Ramadan, if they refused to break their fast, Chinese Government would kill them. Each year, hundreds or thousands of them will escape from China to Turkey which there are not any official statistics.

China has claimed that a terrorist group, named as East Turkestan Islamic Movement, has been trained along with other Iraqi and Syrian forces to return to China for terrorist attacks and activities.

However, from one hand, China is not able to destroy them and on the other hand, many analysts believe that such a movement does not really exist. If so, the analysts believe that China has tried to get international legitimacy to exert pressure on them. In other words, China is searching for a way-out to reduce international pressures on its human rights issue.

Anyway, Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism at US State Department, Tina Kaidanow, visited China’s Foreign Minister. They both insisted on fighting with terrorism, extremism, violence, and cyberterrorism.

China is well aware that there would be lots of troubles for this country if United States wanted to meddle in China. On the other hand, Unites States is not willing to share simply its anti-terrorism program and its approach towards China is the top priority.

Benjamin Zycher from RAND Corporation conducted a research entitled “A Preliminary Benefit/Cost Framework for Counterterrorism” in which he discussed that despite of high costs of wars, return of capital cuts the costs of them. Therefore, United States can obtain credit in fighting with terrorism at a low benefit and considered as the leader who is responsible for international security in the world. Economic boom and more employment are noticeable as well. Some believe that United States tries to pay off its national debts through fighting with terrorism.

United States likes it or lumps it but China sent its own media message to the world; namely, it has regarded Uyghurs as terrorists. Therefore, China can justify all its decisions made about them.

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