Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Father of Iran’s Science of Law Passed Away at 87

Father of Iran’s Science of Law Passed Away at 87

Professor Amir Nasser Katouzian, known as the “Father of Iran’s science of Law” passed away at 87 yesterday.

Born in 1927 in Tehran, Katouzian was a Professor of Law and Political Sciences in University of Tehran.

He was also among those who drafted the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution.

He has 45 books in his career that most of them are used as university curriculum in teaching Law.

Also, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani sent a message expressing his condolences over the death Professor Katouzian.

“Undoubtedly the loss of such a prolific scientist is so sad for the society of lawyers and students of law who have been benefited by his scholarly and instructional activities during several years.” Rouhani said in his message.

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