Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Fifty Shades of Al Saud

By: M. H. Broomand

Al Saud, one again, made a strategic mistake by attacking Yemen. As many analysts believe, Saudi Arabia does not have enough forces to confront Yemen and does need some foreign forces for such confrontation. For example, they demand some forces from Pakistan but Pakistan will not give them their own troops. In Pakistan, there are lots of people doing anything to earn some money and in this case, given money has religious covers. On the other hand, there are some people having Takfiri visions and very suitable for such purposes.

Under such circumstances, Saudi Arabia will make another strategic mistake; that’s to say, they will let such forces with Takfiri insights wander in their land because they need troops for such an attack. If we suppose that they were successful in such confrontation, afterwards, they would be trapped in their own traps. It means that there are lots of Takfiri people in Saudi Arabia which are very dangerous for its security. They are able to do anything ranging from destruction to confrontation.

Anyway, there are some reservations about whether they know what they are doing or are not aware of it. Yet, they are doing what Israel demands of wants. In other words, such vicious action committed by the guardians of Holy Shrines can reveal the notorious nature of Al Saud.

As a conclusion, such confrontation can be named “much ado about nothing”. Iran, on the other hand, can make their relationships with Saudi Arabia as well as Egypt to prevent from happening such events. Killings of Muslims by Muslims are desirable issues for US and its allies. We all should be aware of such deception and be united as an Islamic nation.

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