Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Former British Foreign Secretary visit Iran as a tourist

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is visiting Iran as a tourist.

Iranian media has reported that Straw’s visit to Iran is underway under a personal trip as part of a group tour.

Capture Capture1

Former British FM Jack Straw seen in Ferdowsi street of Tehran, near British Embassy

He served as British foreign secretary in Tony Blair’s government in 2001-2006. In 2003, he became the first British Foreign Secretary to visit post-revolutionary Iran.


Straw seen at Moshir-Al-Mamalek’s Garden Hotel, Yazd

In August this year, following the reopening of the British embassy in Tehran, Straw described the thaw in relations between Iran and UK as “very good news”, saying that Iran is a very important country which the UK needs to improve its trade with.



Straw writes a message to his wife and children at the guest book of Moshir-Al-Mamalek’s Garden Hotel, Yazd

Straw told the Telegraph that he was “not in any doubt” that all these steps were the result of the nuclear agreement concluded between Iran and the world’s leading powers last month.


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