Monday, 25 September, 2017

Four Reasons Why JCPOA Framed


By: Javid Ghorban Oghli

Firstly: The decision of the Establishment in solving Iran’s nuclear issue due to its disastrous consequences and impacts on Iranian economy such as Security Council resolutions, US and EU sanctions. In the other words, Iran’s diplomatic ties with the world have been cut. The situations took a turn for the worse and even some countries have been worry of extending ties with Iran. Consequently, there was no way out but to find a respectful solution for the issue. Under such circumstances, “Heroic Flexibility” has been introduced and the way has been paved for an important incident happened on Khordad 22, 1392.

Secondly: The political feat happened on Khordad 22, 1392 has eased a heavy burden for Iranian nation. There was no solution for Iran’s nuclear issue without this remarkable incident. We should not forget that “covert talks” with the US occurred one year before Iran’s Presidential Elections 1392 was confirmed by Supreme Leader. The selection of Rouhani has signaled one message for the world; namely, the end of Iran’s era of adventurous ambition. World leaders’ warm welcome showed that they received such a message.

Thirdly: Wisdom of giving Iran’s nuclear program to Foreign Ministry, at the helm of a professional diplomat, was on a par with Iran’s “heroic flexibility” and the new message to the world emphasizing on win-win logic and diplomacy. Dr. Zarif has been the best option for supervising the nuclear talks to preserve Iran’s nuclear achievements in the worst conditions during the last 10 years of nuclear talks with the world. In other words, Zarif and his team have been the most appropriate option to fight diplomatically with world’s powerful diplomats.

Fourthly: Political will of the White House was like a locomotive pushing for a way out for Iran’s nuclear issue. Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was “change”, saying if elected, he would talk unconditionally with Iran. The analysis of his behavior shows that he has been seriously trying to make a deal with Iran, ignoring many US known traditional policies. He did not pay any attention to AIPAC and stood against Republican-led Congress.

I do believe that these above-mentioned four reasons have guaranteed the success of JCPOA. As analysts and renowned diplomats say, this is the most important incident after World War I and II.

Iran’s flexibility in nuclear talks over the last 30 months and the exchange of American prisoners after Implementation Day, have showed Iran’s high capacities in handling powerfully and respectfully those major crises which may put Iran at stake.


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  1. Amir

    February 25, 2022 at 8:18 pm

    If you buy any loaf of bread at any US super markets you realize that the quality of the bread is shrinking. This is not because of raising profitably, this is because the empire of USA is shrinking. President Barak Obama did not really do it for the sake of Iran, he did it to elongate the existence of the republic of so-called USA. The empire is at the verge of semi collapse as empire, and any necessary measures are allowed to be exercised to rescue the REPUBLIC OF USA. JCPOA would happen for sure- with or without USA since Europe and others could not sustain not to do business with Iran that soon would become a regional power in the West Asia. So it was not President Obama who did it, it was the whole USA needed to do it.

  2. David

    February 27, 2022 at 6:20 am

    To Amir - I live in the U.S. and don’t share your view of this. In fact, I haven’t heard anyone here express that view. Personally, I am in favor of the JCPOA and I am on this website to learn more about Iran. In my opinion, there is great misunderstanding about Iran in the U.S., especially among the Republican Party (which is the religious, conservative party). For some reason Iran is thought to be a threat to the U.S., but based on my research, I think the Saudis are the threat - my theory is that the Saudi’s hire public relations firms to make themselves look good and to try to make Iran look like an evil, dangerous threat to the U.S. President Obama has been very criticized in the U.S. by the Republicans. As for the U.S. bread, I haven’t noticed any difference. Our unemployment rate is below 5% (the best in 8 years) and I haven’t heard any concern about a “collapse”. I haven’t heard anyone whose view is that the U.S. “needed” to agree to the JCPOA for any sort of financial reason. I suggest that we should all be glad it happened and try to be friends. I am impressed with your President Rouhani - he has a very nice smile and is friendly and courteous - that will win over a lot of people and I hope he continues to be that way. I hope that more Iranians get to know people in the U.S. and vice versa so we can see that we can be friends. One day I hope to visit Iran and tour the ancient cities.

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