Monday, 13 January, 2020

France ready to cooperate on revival of Iran’s Lake Urmia, French minister says

French Minister of Environment, Energy and the Sea Segolene Royal said on Monday that France is ready to cooperate with Iran on modern scientific methods of irrigation for revival of Lake Urmia.

She made the remarks in meeting with Governor General of West Azerbaijan province Qorbanali Sa’adat.

Currently some old methods of Rain Irrigations are used to irrigate farmlands in Lake Urmia, which has a lot of waste, she added.

The French minister said according to the studies, in the traditional method of irrigation especially in summer season, 80 percent of the water evaporates and only 20 percent of water being absorbed to the soil.

She said that to revive Lake Urmia and increasing efficiency of the agricultural sector, it is necessary to use modern methods in irrigations.

Sa’adat presented a report on current situation of the lake, saying that Iran needs modern technologies in the field of water management for agriculture and pattern of suitable cultivation.

Considering existed capabilities of the province, the government must develop use of the renewable energies and make investment in the field.

Segolene Royal then looked at the lake from the air.

Lake Urmia was constantly facing with drought since 1995.

Segolene Royal arrived in Tehran on Sunday.

She headed a delegation of businessmen and trade entrepreneurs to northwestern city of Urmia on Monday.

In the above photo, French Minister of Environment, Energy and the Sea Segolene Royal can be seen while she looks at Lake Urmia from the air(Photo Credit: Irna)

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