Thursday, 14 November, 2019

France Victimized by Its Under-Support Terrorists

While not taking a long time from Paris attack and French people are still in shock, various allegations and hypotheses have been made concerning the main factors behind this incident.

To investigate this horrible incident, we should refer to the past events which occurred in the Middle East as well as France positions toward them.

One of the central factors behind such horrible terrorist events in the West is the growth of terrorist groups during the past years especially in Iraq and Syria as well as the West positions toward them.

Analysts believe that France is facing the consequences of its own unprofessional and crude policies toward the Middle East especially Syria.

On one hand, France’s direct and indirect support for terrorist groups called “Jihadist Groups” in Syria and on the other hand, the blind eye of French Government to the slaughter of such groups, are the consequences of such incidents.

Just at a time when Takfiri militant groups in Iraq and Syria killed and beheaded innocent people, French Government not only turned a blind eye to it but also strongly supported them.

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja’afari told Iran’s Press TV that the Western support for terrorism in Syria has backfired on France. “France, today, is paying the price of its unprofessional politics with regard [to] the Syrian crisis,” the envoy said.

“We have repeatedly said and warned the French government about working with the terrorists, about manipulating the terrorists. And we told them ‘one day it will return to you.’” Ja’afari said.

He cited former French Interior Minister and current Prime Minister Manuel Valls as saying in 2013, “I cannot as a minister of interior prevent the French jihadists from going to Syria to fulfill their jihad.” “The French Minister of Foreign Affairs [Laurent] Fabius said something worse in 2012. He said that the Islamist jihadists are doing well in Syria,” according to the Syrian official. “Now they call them terrorists because today they are killing French people. But when they used to kill Syrian people, they were considered jihadist.”

Another factor led to Paris attack lies in the purposes of Zionism. As Zionism regards its race, nation, and religion as the best ones in the world, it has tried to wreak havoc on both Islam and Christianity and to take advantage of it by committing horrible events such as Paris attack.

Moreover, those extremists, who wanted to target the reputation of Islam in the West especially among French people, have nothing to do with elevated Islamic teachings because, as you know, Islam is a peaceful and benevolent religion, refusing any such violent and vicious actions. This point has been affirmed by all Islamic sects.

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