Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

Gandhi’s Goat story and Iran’s nuclear program

Gandhi, who almost everyone heard about him to date, was a free man with no abnormal attitude! He knew very well about the complexity and tough-to-violate-LAWs in Britain! He knew there is no way to bring animals into Britain’s parliament! He knew the guards at the entrance will avoid Gandhiji entering to the parliament with his goat! But! Insist of Gandhi made the parliament to add a new law to their Guinness-record-book-of-laws, which, “avoids entering of any animals to Britain’s parliament -except Gandhi’s goat”!

The story of Gandhi’s goat does not occur for everyone. The incident occurred due to British Parliament’s respect for Gandhi. This respect was based on Gandhi’s values, i.e World Peace and peaceful values.

Despite access to nuclear enrichment technology, Iran has repeatedly declared its opposition to build a nuclear weapon. In all inspections done by IAEA on Iran’s nuclear program over 10 years ago, no evidence have been found that indicate Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. Even the obstacles world powers put in the way of iran, neither dissuade the contry from a decision to refrain from bulding making weapons nor preclude the development of the country.

The term “peaceful nuclear program”, which is now used even by propaganda  media (including VOA), is a term that is used only for Iran.

Like Britain parliament that understood, which there is no way to avoid Gandhi entering the parliament without his goat, nowadays international community and world powers have to face the reality and to understand there is nothing to abandon determined Iran from developing its  peaceful nuclear program.

For the sake of new advancements and increased applications of nuclear ENERGY, we will have to recognize Iran’s right to develop its enrichment program for the peaceful purposes some day.

IRAN, as its high rank officials repeatedly stated, will not use nuclear developments for Non-peaceful purposes!

Be sure, like Gandhi’s goat story ended up with no problems, Iran’s nuclear issue will not be problematic for anyone.

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