Sunday, 09 August, 2020

German artist to perform ‘Light Concert’ at Azadi tower

The German artist Philipp Geist plans to develop a projection mapping light installation entitled ‘Gate of Words’ at the Azadi tower from October 3 to 5, Geist Studio reported

The installation visualizes the topics of freedom, peace, space, and time artistically.

In an artistically free and poetical manner, the artist addresses topics during the installation, which are relevant for Germany and Iran, and develops a light installation made of colored words and concepts in different languages and abstract, painterly compositions of images.

The Azadi tower in Tehran also called the Freedom Square, is the landmark of modern Tehran. The architecture establishes a connection between the modern, Islamic architecture and the Sassanid style.


Geist develops an artistic video mapping installation and projects it directly onto one side of the Azadi Tower. Visitors can see the tower from a distance and from close by.

The Freedom Square invites you to linger around. Abstract picturesque image compositions will fit precisely on the building and will be combined with words and phrases that appear in these scenic elements.

Over the course of the installation and in advance, words and quotes on the subjects of freedom, peace, and time are collected and integrated, and the visitors are welcome to submit their associations beforehand. Thus, Geist develops a dialog between the place, the visitors, and his artistic work.


German artist Philipp Geist, in front of Azadi tower, Tehran (Source: Geist’s Facebook page)

The Azadi Tower is a three-dimensional light sculpture that can be crossed by the visitors. This passing through has a strong symbolism: gates are places for encounters of the new and the old, and where both the retrospective of the past and the view into a future of development and change is made possible. Philipp Geist implements these topics poetically and artistically.

The Berlin artist Philipp Geist (1976) works internationally as an artist with the mediums of video- / light installation, photography and painting.

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