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German official throws light on Tehran city and Iranian women

The President of German Press and Journalists Federation, who is in Tehran to attend the 21st International Press and News Agency Exhibition, said that the Real Iran is quite different from the distorted image presented by some Western media.

At an interview with English-language paper Iran Daily, Christian Zarm has spoken about his observations in Iran and aims of his trip.

The main points of his remarks are as follows:

What does Tehran look like

Christian Zarm: Since I have not visited other provinces yet, I can only comment about Tehran, the Iranian capital. Despite sanctions, Tehran enjoys modern infrastructures. Honestly, I was expecting to see a number of revolutionary guards on each street of Tehran prior to visiting Iran. I used to think that a military atmosphere pervaded the country. Although I know the country is quite sensitive about security matters, it was nothing like what I had in mind. On the contrary, I found Iran a very open country. Of course, it is impossible to know everything about a country or form its accurate mental picture in just a few days. Nevertheless, seeing a country in person is quite different from just hearing about it.

Tehran at night

Women’s role and status in the Iranian society

Christian Zarm: Iranian women have a very significant and strong presence in the society. I have a number of Iranian friends from whom I had heard about the Iranian women’s active role and presence in the society. Now that I am here, I can feel this presence more deeply and personally. Outside Iran, it is believed that harsh restrictions are imposed against Iranian women; but the reality is completely vice versa.

Iranian women’s  snooker champion Akram Mohammadi Amini, 27, is preparing for the IBSF World Snooker Champs 2015 in Egypt (Photo by Mohammad Babaei, Irna)

The main purpose of the visit to Iran

Christian Zarm: The main goal of this visit is to help establish more intimate relations between Iran and Germany so that both sides can communicate more effectively, expand cooperation in different fields and find it easier to exchange ideas and viewpoints.

We have a monthly publication in Germany in which we are going to publish a report on our visit to Iran. In that report, we will include our viewpoints about Iran and will stress that the real Iran is quite different from the distorted image presented by some Western media.

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  1. z

    November 9, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    Thank you for your nice report.
    I am an Iranian woman, studying in Frankfurt-Goethe University at the master level. I left Iran one year ago, and have many connections there. Is there possibly any opportunity that I can contribute in your work? I would appreciate and eager to take part.

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