Saturday, 30 November, 2019

Germany’s Lufthansa says cooperation with Iranian airlines possible

Germany’s flagship carrier Lufthansa says that direct cooperation between German and Iranian airlines is possible through some necessary grounds provided.

In an interview with ISNA news agency, the executive vice president of sales for the Lufthansa, Jens Bischof  welcomed recent changes in Iranian airlines’ position in the world.

“We are very optimistic about such changes and definitely welcome boosting bilateral cooperation.” Bischof  said.

The official went on saying that future cooperation will depend on programs and flight destinations defined and presented by Iranian airlines.

”If Iran Air, which is already linked with Lufthansa, finalizes its flight paths, there will be an increased possibility for more cooperation,” he added.

According to Bischof, the company considers Iran as one of the largest and most important regional markets and is planning to increase its presence in the region.

As the largest European airline company, Lufthansa celebrated the 60th anniversary of the German airline’s activity in Iran a few days ago.

The German company which did not cut its ties with Iran during the sanctions has recently increased the number of its flights to Iran to 27 weekly flights.

“Lufthansa’s flights to Iran have increased from seven to 27 every week in the post-sanctions era,” Bischof added.

Lufthansa launched a new service between Munich and Tehran on July 4.

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