Wednesday, 23 March, 2016

Global Security and Structure of Governments


One of the issues, jeopardizing global security during the history is the culture dominant on structure of governments. The milestone of such threats is when the culture of the government is derived from extremism. This paper is not to survey fake religions made chiefly by UK but to discuss about their impacts on structure of governments and the threats created by such beliefs.

Some governments have colonized some other governments for many years and taken many interests in them. They have created such fake religions in Islam including Baha’ism and Wahhabism.

In recent century, colonialism seeks for its objectives in a new form and shape by creating conflict among countries of the Middle East to establish itself in the region. One of such fake religions is Wahhabism which has been created by UK and implemented by Saudi Arabia. Such culture, extended by the development of Saudi financial resources especially oil, spread among countries, suffering from cultural poverty.

Some news has been recently published about purchasing of nuclear weapons by Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. Such action is in reaction to nuclear talks but the point is the duality of US responses to such action. On one hand, US has imposed sanctions and exerted pressure on the country (Iran) that does not have any extremist beliefs but on the other hand, they cooperate with the country replete with extremism, calling it ‘strategic ally”! Why is US silent about news indicating the purchase of nuclear weapons by Saudi Arabia from Pakistan? They hardly know that purchase of such destructive weapons, by a country suffered from extremism, would lead to horrible events.

But of course, they barely know that in a near future, extremism will embrace their own countries; in the other words, extremism is not limited to the Middle East only but it will be spread all over the world. (Al Qaeda and Taliban are two examples of such discourse). Due to some financial problems, they have run arms race in the Middle East but they are the losers of such terrible race because extremism, supported by the west, is not reinforced in the Middle East, calling it a “network of terror” which will be wiped out from the map of the Middle East so soon.

As a conclusion, the short-term benefits of such arms race will be targeted at those countries involved in it.

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