Monday, 13 January, 2020

Gold Medal and “Best Inventor 2014” Award at Iranians’ Hands

On Monday, Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi and Ali Mohammadi, Iranian brothers from the KTH/Uppsala University team, won the Gold medal trophy and the “Best Inventor 2014” award in eHealth at the World’s Digital Health Forum.

Ali is a KIT and Uppsala University master student (KIC Inno-Energy) and Max Mohammadhassan is a member of INDEK’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Master of Science Program.

Their invention tries to screen and diagnose several types of diseases including heart disease and cancer at a significantly earlier stage and in a much faster way by using artificial intelligence.

They received this award because of invention a smart service design by using the patient data and combining it quantified-self trend, considered as a disruptive innovation in Medicine as well as Healthcare.

The same day the Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine was announced, the results were shown at the Life Science Open Innovation Symposium in Paris.

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