Wednesday, 01 June, 2016

Great exposure by Haaretz: Israel has never sought the peace


While the Israeli attacks on the defenseless people of Gaza has intensified, an article, published by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, confirms that Israel has never sought peace with the Palestinians.

In an article written by Gideon Levy, Haaretz newspaper revealed the anti-peace nature of Israel:

“Israel does not want peace. In fact, it can be said that Israel has never wanted peace – a just peace, that is, one based on a just compromise for both sides.”

Confirming the rights of Palestinians violated by Israel, the newspaper also writes:

“Israel has never, not for a minute, treated the Palestinians as human beings with equal rights. It has never viewed their distress as understandable human and national distress.”

Haaretz considers Israeli settlements project in the occupied territories as one of the main reasons confirming the anti-peace nature of Israel:

“The single most overwhelming item of evidence of Israel’s rejection of peace is, of course, the settlements project. From the dawn of its existence, there has never been a more reliable or more precise litmus test for Israel’s true intentions than this particular enterprise. In plain words: The builders of settlements want to consolidate the occupation, and those who want to consolidate the occupation do not want peace. That’s the whole story in a nutshell.”

Of course, Haaretz attributes the root of Israel’s rejection of peace to deeper reasons:

“The settlements were only a touchstone of Israel’s intentions. Its rejectionism is embedded far more deeply – in its DNA, its bloodstream, its raison d’être, its most primal beliefs. There, at the deepest level, lies the concept that this land is destined for the Jews alone.”

Haaretz also added:

“The majority of Israelis pursue their regular way of life. In their mind’s eye the world is always against them, and the areas of occupation on their doorstep are beyond their realm of interest. Anyone who dares criticize the occupation policy is branded an anti-Semite, every act of resistance is perceived as an existential threat.”

As observed, amid Israel’s murderous attacks on Gaza, one of the most famous Israeli newspapers endorsed the point that Israel has never sought peace.

Under such circumstances, how can one expect the regime to stop its brutal attacks against Gazans and keep up with demand of the international community for peace with the Palestinians?

Israel’s recent attacks have exposed their true nature; hence, it is impossible to trust the conducts as well as the peace treaties of this regime.

As the Israeli parliament has recently declared that the aim of Israel is nothing but a complete cleansing of the occupied territories of the Muslims, leading to the complete establishment of Jewish State.

It should be noted that the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy is one of the most well-known opponents of Israel’s Palestinian policy. Meanwhile, he could only walk with a bodyguard on the street. Recently, He wrote a critical article about the pilots of the Israeli army, the “holy cows” of his country, said Levy in Germany radio. Since then, he had received death threats and the newspaper should hire a bodyguard for him. During the last 30 years, the journalist says: “I have seen more atrocities than any other Israeli.” He sees it as his “great mission in life to document” and to make comprehensible to the readership.


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