Saturday, 11 January, 2020

Gwadar and Chabahar can play complementary role in development

Pakistani Senate Deputy Chairman Abdul Ghafoor Haideri says that Iran was welcome to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project and Gwadar and Chabahar port could play a complementary role in regional development, Daily Times reported.

In an interview with Radio Tehran, he said Iran and Pakistan were neighbours and because neighbours had rights on each other, Pakistan was interested in forging even stronger relations with Iran than those that exist today. He said, “We have enjoyed good relations in past and enjoy good relations today, but we want even stronger relations in the future.”

Ghafoor said that there was unrest in many parts of the world today and Muslims were being victimized everywhere. He added that because of this situation, Iran and Pakistan should make their relations strong despite any small differences.

He said, “We welcome the participation of Iran in CPEC because Iran is our neighbour and Chabahar and Gwadar ports are very close to each other. The two ports can play a complementary role in regional development.”

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