Thursday, 06 February, 2020

High-level Spanish delegation enjoys trip to Isfahan

A high-level Spanish delegation headed by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo on Teusday visited the historic city of Isfahan in central Iran.

Garcia-Margalloand and his accompanying delegation arrived in Isfahan airport on Tuesday morning.

The 70-member delegation comprises Industry, Energy and Tourism Minister Jose Manuel Soria and Development Minister Ana Pastor.

Representatives of Spanish companies active in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemicals, railroads, airports, power plants, heavy industries, electronics, tourism and pharmaceuticals are accompanying the delegation.

The Spanish delegation arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a three-day visit aimed at enhancing mutual cooperation in various fields.

In a luncheon on Tuesday in honor of Spain delegation, Isfahan Governor-General Rasoul Zargarpour called for cooperation with Spanish tourist companies, saying Isfahan province is keen on using experience of Spain in tourism infrastructure.

Zargarpour said that development and strengthening tourism industry is the agenda of Isfahan province economic development and that the management of the province is concentrated on development of tourism industry, IRNA reported.

He said that during past two years Isfahan hosted tourists from 86 different countries most of whom were from Europe.

The governor-general said that the province has 20,000 historical sites, 1,720 sites are national registered and five sites have world registration by UNESCO.

He added that Isfahan has plenty of tourism capacities and the Spanish tourist firms may develop their ties with Iranian fellow companies to use such capacities.

He said that Spain has valuable experience in the field of tourism industry development and cooperation of the Spanish tourist companies with Iranians would be beneficial for both sides.

In photos: Spanish delegation visit Isfahan

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