Tuesday, 04 February, 2020

How do Iranians Spend their Leisure Time?

Interest in leisure as a sociological concept is a relatively new phenomenon in Iran. Sociologists have viewed leisure as part of culture and have noted that the creativity of the individual can be best developed during one’s free time.

Before the revolution in Iran, economic and social change created new employment opportunities with set working hours so that free time became available. As a result, use of leisure time became of interest to planners and researchers, but little action was taken to insure development of activities.

While it is correct to say that Iranian society has not yet approached the “civilization of leisure”, the subject of leisure time and the utilization of free time in Iran has been an issue by virtue of the changes that have taken place.

Since leisure is a part of the quality in every society, basic information about life styles in general can be seen through studying leisure time activities. Thus, leisure time is one of the aspects of human life that has a major role in present day social life.

The pictures below show some Iranians’ leisure activities.

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