Friday, 22 April, 2016

How Saudi Arabia dangerously undermines the United States


In an article written by Ralph Peters, the New York Post newspaper wrote recently:

“Iran is our external enemy of the moment. Saudi Arabia is our enduring internal enemy, already within our borders and permitted to poison American Muslims with its Wahhabi cult.

Oh, and Saudi Arabia’s also the spring from which the bloody waters of global jihad flowed.

Iran humiliates our sailors but the Saudis are the spiritual jailers of hundreds of millions of Muslims, committed to intolerance, barbarity and preventing Muslims from joining the modern world. And we help.”


Such statements by an American media is dramatically surprising, because, according to the special relationship between America and Saudi Arabia, such rhetoric toward America’s allies released in the country’s media is highly unusual and unprecedented.

This clearly shows that Saudi recent actions have been so unusual that the US media have also protested.

Saudi Arabia’s recent supports for terrorism, ISIL, Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham, Boko Haram and other extremist groups are clear so that even their American allies are not able to conceal and cover up on it.

On the other hand, an analogy between Iran and Saudi Arabia by the New York Post is  unrealistic and unfair. Because, historically, Iran has not been involved in any terrorist incident around the world.

The history proves that Iran has always believed in peace and protecting the rights of citizens and the violence, extremism and terrorism basically have no place in school of thought in Iran.


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  1. Amir

    April 17, 2021 at 8:57 pm

    Ok let’s see, ants are marching into your house, protection is necessary, but equipment and gear cost money, what should a person do? Go to local hardware store buy the needed equipment and destroy the poor ants coming into your protected house in order to terminate the man made invasions. Well, if ants ware not invading or were not introduced to your property, you would not go to the local hardware store to spend money and buy the needed killer chemicals and you would have more money for better things that would elongate your life span with higher qualities.
    Now, let’s put this in perspective from western side:
    Hardware Store: United State of America
    You: Saudi Arabia
    So-called Ant: Iran
    In order to sell arms, ones should create fear. Fear is the mother of all domains. Create fear- create lots of money and advances. United States of America, for past 70 years since World War Two (WII), has been creating fears among all nations outside its territory in order to create advances in every corner of today’s technology not only in its territories but also in the world. United States of America has been able to do this fear factors through its owned mass media inside and outside US, and reflecting into outside world by deceptions and invasion. From Viet Nam to Iraq, from Korea to Afghanistan, all were create for more financial and physical advances into the world that somehow the other side ignorance has paved the way for them. From Communism to Terrorism, from Terrorism to Islamism, all were create to put USA on top so most people outside US live in the past.
    For past 40 years, Iran had to be the fear factor for US domination into Middle- East (East Asia) and beyond. Without so-called “be aware of Iran” scenario, USA could not be where it is today. So, the so-called monster (Iran) was invented and the new control of the new world was created.
    Now, the introduction of new China and the massive nuclear arsenal of Russia have made the US domination into Middle-East (West Asia) and beyond practically close to “zero”. The new kids in town (China and Russia) do not like the dominating factors of US in their side, so both, China and Russia, are engaging into the nasty game of control by aligning Iran with them.
    The nuclear agreement with Iran was the beginning of 180 degree US change of foreign policies that has been in effect in the Middle- East region for past 60 year; divide and conquer. After Iran’s revolution in 1979, Saudi Arabia and some of its beloved neighbor like UAE and old Iraq, were given the green lights to show off in their immediate region in order the fear factor (Iran) put in place so the US and its buddies make more financial strengths in the region.
    At this time, Saudi Arabia is liabilities and no longer valuable. Saudi Arabia with its aging monarch can no longer perform best or even close to norm. The fear factor of Iran also no longer works in the region as well.
    Well, what to do when a person wants to look good; start being friend with the good guy, Iran, that not too long ago you made him “a bad guy”.

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