Monday, 06 April, 2020

IHRC calls for an end to Iran’s sanctions

The European Association of Human Rights Defenders (IHRC) has issued a statement calling for an end to sanctions against Iran in response to a request from the Women’s Advisory Board of the Papal Council on Vatican Culture to address the plight of the Iranian people. The statement was sent to Italian and international cultural and social institutions in Italy.

To the Supreme Leader of Iran

To the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs

To the President of the European Parliament To the Head of the Italian State

Application for immediate opening of humanitarian channels to anti-virus medical aid

Most illustrious excellences,

WHO has formalised the state of the global crown virus pandemic. We are therefore all called to work together to defeat one of the most terrible known pandemics, capable of causing incalculable damage not just to individual nations, but to the whole human race. The only scientific certainty that we have, in fact, lies in the awareness that as long as only one outbreak remains open, no one can consider himself safe from the epidemic. It is therefore time to implement strong solidarity and effective brotherhood among peoples.

It is well known that Iran, one of the countries most affected by the c-virus, is unable to receive the essential medical aid to contain the epidemic, as they are still blocked by international sanctions.

We remind everyone that access to medicine, medical equipment and treatment is a fundamental human right enshrined in the United Nations Charter

and that the International Court of Justice has ruled that all sanctions that violate humanitarian activity must be suspended, and that free access by States to safeguards and resources designed to avert health crises and natural disasters must be authorized (and not sanctioned).

Borrowing the title of the scientific work that the c-virus forced us to move to September, De Humanitaria Lege in Constitutione Mundi, we ask everyone for proof of humanity, civilization, brotherhood and even intelligence.

We recall, in fact, that the epidemic in progress in Iran poses a serious threat not only to the Iranian people, but to all the peoples of the region and to all humanity, which cannot be considered free of risks until the Iranian problem is resolved. Resolved.

We therefore propose, first of all, to the states least affected by the emergency to offer their help, also in derogation from the sanctions currently in force.

We therefore ask you to work to:

  1. urgently run a corridor of medical aid for Iran;
  • sanctions to Iran are suspended, in the face of emergency health needs, exclusively for all materials that allow to curb the health emergency

With respect

Antonella Miriello, President of European Women For Human Rights (piazza Malpighi 14 Bologna)

European Women For Human Rights, Scientific Committee: Stefania Brancaccio, entrepreneur;

Paola Carboni Commissioner for Equal Opportunities for the FVG Region

Ref. States General of Women Friuli Venezia Giulia - Gabriella Montera, Bologna City Councilor They adhere:

  • World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations (Piazza di Ponte S. Angelo 28 - Rome, Italy)
  • For Peace (via Liberiana 17 - Rome)
  • Interconfess Center. for Peace CIPAX (Via Ostiense152 / B, Rome)
  • Prof Rosanna Cerbo Secretary General of International Ass. Karol Wojtyla (Via Teodosio Macrobio 25 - Rome)
  • for UNION SAN TOMMASO. (Via Cosmo 15 - Turin) the Dominican Sisters: Sr Giacomina Tagliaferti; Sr. Antonella Tamburini, Sr. Antonia Galvagno, Sr. Antonietta Potente. Sr Margherita Rosso, Sr Carmen Citterio Sr Maddalena Meta

Shahrzad Houshmand Zadeh, Islamic Theologian, Hon. Pres. Religion for Peace

Maurizio Millo, former member of the CSM et Corte Cost Prof Gianfranco Pasquino Professor Johns Hopkins former Professor of Emeritus Unibo

Massimo Papa, Professor of Islamic Law Uni Roma3

  • Paolo Rumiz Writer

Tiber Institute (via di Monte Brianzo 82 - Rome)

Fraternity of Romena (via di Pieve di Romena 1 - Pratovecchio AR)

  • Alessandra Schirilò, Deputy Quaestor of the State Police Gianluca Galletti, Pres. Naz. Catholic Union of Executives - UCID

(via delle Coppelle 35 Rome)

  • Gabriella Caramore, Radio 3 “Men and Prophets”
  • Alessandra Mauro, Journalist, Professor, Member of the Women’s Consultation at the Pontifical Council for Dialogue Monika Bulay, writer and journalist
  • Aldo Balzanelli journalis
  • Cascella Maria Altomare administrative clerk Municipality Torino
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