Saturday, 11 June, 2016

Impacts of Lifting Sanctions on Iran’s Environment


As analysts believe impacts of sanctions, during recent years, have not been only on Iran’s economic and political areas but on its environment as well.

During the last years, due to sanctions, the quality of Iran’s petrol has been reduced. The quality of domestic automobile has been on the decline because of import restriction. The air has got more polluted and its victim is on the increase. Further, the import of environmental protection equipment has been strictly forbidden or its price has become double.

Sanctions, on one hand, and neglect of the last administration to environmental issues, on the other hand, resulted in the fall of Iran’s environmental indicators (70 steps), but after nuclear deal and lifting sanctions, there will be hope for resolving such environmental issues.

But of course, before sanctions, Iran’s environment had had many challenges. In other words, after sanctions, such a condition got worse, encountered several problems such as air pollution in Iran’s metropolises.

In this respect, Dr. Rouhani, insisting on the impacts of sanctions on environment, said: “Cruel sanctions should be lifted for further investment by which environmental challenges, unemployment and so on would be resolved.”

“Iran has passed hard times due to sanctions and lack of access to new technologies in the fields of environment and green technology. Sanctions have had numerous and destructive impacts on Iran’s environment.” Masoumeh Ebtekar, Head of Environmental Protection Organization, said.

“Basically, many environmental issues, ranging from the air we all breathe to food and water we all consume, have been affected by sanctions.” Esmail Kahrom, advisor to Masoumeh Ebtekar, mentioned.

“Air pollution has intensified in Iran because of gasoline sanctions and lack of access to use standard instruments in producing cars and other vehicles.” He added.

This expert emphasized on damages caused by the lack of new technologies of environmental protection. These challenges are some of little deprivations which have damaged Iran’s environment due to the last decade sanctions. But now after the nuclear deal, it is hoped that such impacts on the environment would be vanished soon through new equipment and foreign experts.

However, after the nuclear deal, there are some opportunities to enhance and manage Iran’s environment such as the development of clean energy industries, waste management, the import of water purification devices, the improvement in the quality of domestic vehicles, and many others.

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