Friday, 17 January, 2020

In photos: Iran’s first ‘Women-Only’ train cars launch service

Iran railway, for the first time, introduced ‘women-only’ train cars, on intercity trains running between Tehran and Mashhad.

According to Iranian media, the first women-only train cars have launched service on Tehran-to-Mashhad route on Sunday.

All train stewards on these cars are women who are fluent in English, , Iranian officials told.

The initiative for ‘intercity’ trains is an attempt to help women feel safer.

The use of women-only carriages on intercity trains is not new. There have been dedicated cars on trains in many other countries for decades.

Women only train cars are available on some transport services in a number of countries including Israel, Japan, India, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia.

Here are some pictures of ‘women-only’ train cars, on intercity trains running between Tehran and Mashhad: 

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Photos Credit: Amin Jalali, Irna

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