Monday, 01 January, 2018

Incidents in the upcoming days will determine Syrians’ destiny


By: M.H.B

During recent days, after the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia, a rumor has gone around that there are some allegations about anti-ISIL coalition as well as the presence of Turkey in Syrian incidents.

The strongest rumor is about the reconciliation of Putin and Erdogan by which Turkey’s approach towards Syria has been completely changed. Such an allegation has been promoted when both presidents met each other in Moscow.

A myriad of experts believe that if Turkey’s assistance to ISIL were to stop, the anti-Assad oppositions would be devastated and peace will embrace Syria again.

The probable reduction of Turkey’s assistance to ISIL has been intensified especially after Turkish PM’s speech as well as ambassador in Russia.

By mentioning on Thursday that Russian and Turkish officials expressed support over Syrian territory, Turkish ambassador to Russia has stressed that Russia and Turkey are seeking to improve ties between both sides about the Syrian government. He emphasized on finding solutions for Syrian crises as soon as possible.

Turkish Prime Minster also noted that we will see new developments in Syrian crisis so soon. He said that Ankara will cooperate with Syrian government.

Erdogan said after visiting Putin: “Turkish and Russian ties will be improved. We do believe that our cooperation will become much stronger than before.”

On the other hand, Turkey has been urged to boost ties with Russia because the United States has refused to extradite Gulen. In this regard, Erdogan said that U.S. should choose Turkey or Gulen.

All abovementioned topics should be aligned with the recant Syrian developments. The recent attacks of Syrian army have demolished terrorists’ centers in Aleppo. If continued, a series of victories would be seen in the city and innocent Syrians would embrace happiness.

There are some points in this regard:

Firstly, ties between Russia and Turkey have not been cemented so far. Due to instable conditions in Turkey, it is possible that everything would be changed.

Second topic is the approach of Russia and Turkey towards Syria. Despite of making a deal between Turkey and Russia in this regard but the issue has not been clearly evaluated. Both sides have not talked about the way of cooperating with Syrian government yet.

The third one is the U.S. approach towards rapprochement between Putin and Erdogan. These days, American officials have obsessed with U.S. Presidential Primaries; therefore, they are unaware of some issues in the region. In the other words, they cannot concede defeat by any means whether in the press or on the ground. They know well that if they back off their belief in Syria, this will be used as the best excuse to overcome the other presidential candidate. Therefore, American approach towards such rapprochement is complicated and determinative. Suppressing terrorists can be the best propaganda for every American candidate to win the next American Presidential Elections.

As a result, the crisis-hit Middle East needs serious and practical measures in the coming days. Measures that can do irreparable damages in the region. Solving the crisis, all parties should set foot and cooperate with one another.

Anyway, all above-mentioned issues have nearly brought peace to Syria. The continuity of ties among Iran, Russia and Turkey along with American conservative measures can provide good days for Syrian people.

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