Friday, 17 January, 2020

Iran, Afghanistan railways to be linked in early 2018

Iran’s and Afghanistan’s railways will connect in early 2018, Hossein Ashouri, the Iran Railway Company deputy head for operation affairs, said.

Ashouri said Iran has constructed a railroad till border with Afghanistan, however the remaining railroad inside Afghanistan is expected to be ready by 2018, Mehr news agency reported Feb. 25.

He said infrastructure in Afghanistan is also ready, adding that two railing blocks are being built in the neighboring country’s territory.

The railway will have two tracks.

Ashouri said sub-grade of one of the tracks has been laid by 50 percent, while the second track’s sub-grade is only 25 percent ready.

He added that connecting Iran’s railways to neighboring countries’ railroads is a priority for Iran.

Recently, Iran’s railroad has been linked to Turkmenistan through the Incheburun border checkpoint, Ashouri said, adding the Islamic Republic railways will also be connected to Azerbaijan through the Astara border checkpoint within three months.

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